Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carabox Exchange Reveal

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Gift exchanges are a great way to get to know other people and make a fun, well thought-out, gift box. I heard from my blog friend, Lisa, about a great one, Carabox, started by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. I participated over the summer in a nautical themed box. During the exchange you "meet" your partners through email exchanges to get to know them. One partner sends you a box full of goodies and the other sends you a box. It went ok the first time; which made me unsure of doing it again, but I decided to give it another chance.

I'm so glad I did! I sent a box to Chloe over at All That good Stuff. I really enjoyed making her box because fall is the best season; which allowed me to get creative and crafty! Getting to know my partners and sending a gift box is only half the fun, I also received a box! My package full of goodies came from Elise who blogs at Books, Bottles, and Bags. I could not wait for the package to arrive in the mail. Every day, I would check my porch to see if it had come. I was especially excited because the package was going to be fall themed and fall is my absolute favorite.

Last Thursday, after a ridiculously long day, I came home to it sitting by the door! I didn't even wait a moment to get to my room and open the box. My housemates also helped me open it to see what was inside, as they knew, I had been anticipating the box for a while.


Woodland Creature Stickers. I told Elise in our conversations that I love squirrels because they are my sorority's mascot. She said she was unable to get anything that had squirrels on it so she bought me the stickers! They are so cute!

Hair Ties. I love these hair ties. I have been wanting to buy some, but never wanted to fork over the money to buy them. When I opened my box, I was happy to find them inside. They are also OSU Buckeye colors; which I love! Go Bucks!

Ohio State bow. Handmade gifts are the best. Elise did not make it, but it is a handmade bow from etsy. I think it makes a great addition to my collection of Ohio State stuff.

Glade Pumpkin Spice Room Spray. fall+pumpkin= perfect combination. I enjoy making my room smell nice, especially with fall fragrances.

Pillsbury Perfect Pumpkin Cake mix. I have not made these, yet, but I am looking forward to it. My housemates and I are having a Thanksgiving get together meal and I plan on making these. I want to hop over to the store and pick up some cream cheese frosting, too.

Ideas Grow Here notebook. I love to write and use journals to jot down my  daily reflections on life. The notebook is perfect. I have already used it for class, blogging and meeting with a professional. It is just the right size and complimented by an inspirational quote on the front.

Big thanks to Chloe and Elise for being great carabox partners!! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I have. If anyone is interested in doing the exchange, check out Kaitlyn's blog for information on the next one. she will post a sign-up sheet on December 2.

Have you done the carabox exchange? If so, what do you think about the new changes? If not, what are your favorite fall goodies that you would have loved to receive in your carabox?


  1. SO cute! I love the Cara Box exchange! Glad you did it, too!

  2. That notebook is really adorable! You got a good box this time. :)

  3. Sounds like fun! And that notebook is so cute.

  4. This was my first Cara Box exchange, and I am hooked :) That bow is adorable!

  5. Those woodland creature stickers are soo cute! :)

  6. Such a fun box! I recently came across Wifessionals and I can't wait to sign up in December! I'm new to blogging and excited to get to do this. I love your pumpkin spray, fall essential for sure!

  7. Oh my goodness I love those hair ties!!

  8. Cute stuff! Love the colors of those hair ties!