Saturday, November 9, 2013

Capturing a Moment of Thankfulness

A little behind on The Thankful Project blog challenge, the week's busyness kind of blindsided me, but I'm back! If you do not know what this is, check out Kenzie at Chasing Happy to get started on your Thankful Project! Today's prompt is 'a photo'. 

I do not think I could pick a photo more meaningful and important in my life, right now. I feel like I say this a lot on my blog 'last spring, I studied abroad in Seville, Spain.......", but it was a BIG deal. I talk about it a lot because it is such an important aspect of my life and one of the biggest events in my life, thus far.

thankful project

This photo was taken in Seville, crossing the bridge over the Guadalquivir river, to my neighborhood, Triana. I fell in love with the view of the sunset over the bridge. It was breathtaking and always captured me in those moments. For whatever reason, I always felt a sense incredible thankfulness for the opportunity to be abroad, to be accomplishing my biggest dream, and to be fortunate enough to see such a beautiful view. 

I sometimes feel like I overuse this photo in everything; social media, this blog, sharing my study abroad experience, but it is my favorite and brings back a flood of wonderful memories. This photo captures my love for that incredible city and place that I call, my second home. I am thankful I have a picture that captures the single most meaningful and awe-inspiring part of every day in Seville.

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