Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Influenster Varsity VoxBox Review

I was super excited when I received my complimentary Influenster Varsity VoxBox. It was a college student focused box full of different products for me to test and review. Below, are my honest, personal opinions about the products I was given by Influenster.

Tide PODS. I love this product! It looks like a dish liquid pack for a dishwasher. The PODS are very convenient, especially for college students. When you're wandering down the hallway, trying to get to the washing machine, fumbling with your bag of laundry, all you have to do is toss the POD in your bag (avoid taking heavy detergents with you). They also smell wonderful. My clothes were so fresh, fluffy, and bright. I have only positives to say about Tide PODS. I would definitely buy these in the future.

Kiss Nail Dress. I was kind of leery of these when I first received them. I did not like the cheetah print design so I let my friend try them out. But just so I had some first hand knowledge of the product, I put them on her nails. I think they are more complicated and take more time to use than just painting your own nails. On the other hand, there is no drying time or anything like that. When I had to file off the excess sticker, it got a little complicated. The sticker would bubble up on the nail because it couldn't follow the curve of the nail. The sticker would also not really stick to the end of the nail because it bubbled up. The package says they stay on for up to 10 days. They started to wear in 4-5 days. I would not buy these as a replacement for nail polish, but I would use them to cut and use as a design on top of nail polish.

Clearisal Daily Clear Refreshing Superfuit Wash. I received three trial size packets of this product. I thought it was a really refreshing face wash. It didn't dry out my skin, which a lot of face washes do. The facewash has rasberry and cranberry extracts which smell lovely.

Airheads Xtremes bites. This is the first product I tried out of the box, mostly because I have a weakness for sweet things and the Airheads Xtremes belts are delicious. I was expecting them to be like the belts, but they are actually sweeter. I prefer the belts, but the bites are good if you are looking for something sweeter.

NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss. I received a full size product. I was really happy about this product because I love lipgloss and neutral colors like pinks and tans. The color is very pretty. As winter is approaching, I put on lip balm and then lip gloss over top of it for that hint of girly. The lip gloss smells good, but does not taste too good. It is not sticky like most lip gloss. Overall, I like this product and could see myself purchasing it or as a present for my sisters.

*All products were complimentary of Influenster. All of the opinions are my own, honest opinions. 

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  1. I loved my box, too! It was great and full of such great products!