Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Wishes

My favorite part of the week was spending Saturday with my boyfriend, Nathan, to celebrate his 20th birthday! I haven't seen him in a while because of school, work , and just life, in general so being able to spend the day with him was lovely. He is finally the same age as me and I am very excited for him to move into his twenties. Being able to see him and just have a wonderful time really refreshed me for this week and I look forward to the next time I see him. So let's get these weekly wishes started!

My boyfriend's birthday celebration was one of last week's wishes. It was kind of a success. He wanted to eat Mexican food for lunch so we went to a restaurant down the road from my house. It was terrible. The food was not good at all. Poor Nathan was such a champ about it. I felt so bad that he had a horrible birthday lunch, but we came back to my house and the cake that I made him to make up for it. I was extremely busy last weekend so I was unable to edit my sister's pictures. And, to be very honest, I forgot about them.

Read. I have been trying so hard to find some time to read and it just does not happen. I will try to make a conscious effort to at least read for fun for 15 minutes before bed. 

Hang out with my housemates. Sometimes we can get caught up in the craziness of life and miss out on opportunities to spend some time with one another. I hope we can get a day or two in to spend some quality time together because they are cool people. 

Do some fall activities. It's definitely fall time and I am ready for fall activities.  Whether it's making a fall craft, eating candy corn, making a pumpkin treat, carving a pumpkin, playing with leaves, or drinking apple cider, I want to do it and do them all! Maybe not all of them this week, but at least one this week. 

If you need some motivation for your week, check out Weekly Wishes on Melyssa's blog, The Nectar Collective.

Happy Monday!!! 


  1. Doing fall activities are always fun! I love picking apples and baking with everything pumpkin :) enjoy!

  2. Bummer about the Mexican food turning out meh. But just having each other's company is good, right? Glad the cake made up for it - it looks so chocolate-y!
    I wish there was fall here. Have fun this week and good luck with your goals! :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your fall activities. I miss that living abroad. Here they don't obsess over pumpkin and so there's no pumpkin latte or playing in the leaves. I suppose I could do that but the Spanish would probably just look at me funny. That said, have a roll in the leaves for me will ya? HAVE A GREAT WEEK!