Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I love fall.

Fall Favorites

Fall is the absolute best season of all! 

Browns. I love the warm autumn colors, especially because they compliment my skin tone very well. 

Squirrels. Yes, squirrels are out at all times of the year, but I can wear attire that has squirrels and acorns on it. It just seems more appropriate in the fall. (p.s. squirrels are my sorority's mascot)

Fall scents. Unfortunately, I cannot have candles at school, but I am in love with the fall smells. Apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, fall leaves, candy corn, etc. 

Pumpkin. ohmygoodness my obsession with pumpkin when the fall season rolls around is quite outrageous. Pumpkin treats, coffee, candles,...everything. 

Football. I grew up in a football-loving family. We are die-hard fans of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes. OH-IO!