Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Every week, I look forward to the positivity that comes with writing out my weekly wishes! When college can be stressful and just a pain in the butt, it is nice to kick back, blog, and think positively. The past week went well, but I am looking forward to this week: fall weather, volunteering, and the boyfriend's coming to visit!

Last week's wishes focused around the happiness fall brings me. First, I checked off buying boots the day I wrote my wishes. Payless had buy on, get one half off so obviously I bought two pairs of boots. Sorry, I wasn't able to get pictures! I also thought about my family a lot this week. I wrote several of my family members cards that I will be sending out this week. I can't wait until I can go home for a weekend and spend some time with them! My last wish was to call home, but I didn't have a chance to do that.

Plan a date. Saturday is my boyfriend's, Nathan, 20th birthday! He is not big celebrater, but I love celebrating birthdays and making people feel special. He is coming up to Cleveland on Saturday and I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do on a college-student budget.

Edit pictures. Over the weekend, some of my family came and visited to go out for lunch. While we were out and about, I took some senior pictures for my sister. I hope to edit them and get them to her this week. They turned out really nice! Well, it also helps that she is very beautiful!

Preview: no edits

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Happy Monday!


  1. That's so great that you managed to reach all your goals last week. Mine was a bit of a failure, haha.
    Good luck with this week's wishes and hope you have a blast celebrating your boyfriend's birthday.
    Also, awesome pictures. I love the reflection of the clouds in the first pic. :)

  2. lovely blog of yours! and hey - well done you with the last week! :)
    cards sound so great ! i should consider about doing something like that :)
    anyways! have a great week! and an awesome birthday party!

  3. Any goal accomplished that includes buying shoes is a slam dunk! Good luck with the planning and editing!
    PS: Your sister has amazing hair.

  4. Well done :)
    Celebrating birthdays even if they don't like the idea, is always good fun. Go for a picnic - cheap and sweet :)
    Becky X

  5. Your photography is beautiful! Good luck in your boyfriends birthday celebration. I know all too well about managing anything on a college student budget; but it can be done!