Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Wishes

My Spanish dog, Goku.
Last semester, I studied abroad in Seville, Spain. It was the most incredible experience of my life! One of my favorite things about that experience was my host family. I stayed with two of the most loving, care-free 60-somethings in Spain. I miss their silly jokes and sassiness, almost every day. They also have a dog, Goku! I love that dog more than I can even explain. He is a 13 year-old sheep dog with a love for afternoon siestas, cookies, and milk. When I first got to Spain, he knew and understood more Spanish than me (just pathetic). I miss the three of them so much and can't wait for the next time I can visit them.

But, for now, I'm in Cleveland, taking it day by day. Last week was fantastically, awesome: beautiful weather, fun adventures, snugglely sweaters, and sweet people, all around a happy time. My cheeks and belly hurt from the laughs and good times last week.

I didn't have the chance to post last week so these wishes are two weeks delayed, but still count. I wish I could have Read for fun, but several hours worth of reading for class made my eyes want to roll out of my head. Hopefully this week I can start, How Remarkable Women Lead. Well, I Journaled for class that kind of counts. The last wish was a complete success, Plan a Weekend Trip. Stay tuned, tomorrow I am posting the details about the weekend I planned for my family in Cleveland!

Boots. I am purchasing a pair of boots this week. I have been looking and looking for boots and I think I finally found a pair, or two, that I am in love with. It may take me begging and bribing to get someone to drive me to the store, but I am buying boots this week.

Call home. I haven't really talked to my family very much since I have been back at school the past 5 weeks so I plan on making a few phone calls to catch up with my loved ones.

Write some letters. Letters are so sweet, sentimental, and thoughtful. I think some special people in my life deserve some love. (I also have cute stationary that I am dying to use.)

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Happy Monday!


  1. Oh BOOTS! I love a good pair of boots and I hope you find the perfect ones :D Fall is such a happy time for going boots shopping...Ahh I love it! I hope you find lots of time to make those family calls - it feels good to reconnect with family! :) Oh and writing letters is soooooooooo lovely! I just did that this past weekend and I love surprising people with a cute letter written on nice stationary :D Yay for that! Happy week to you!

  2. Shopping is always exciting! Hope you find your perfect pair of boots.
    Love your 2nd and 3rd goal. Talking to loved ones is always nice so I hope you find time to call home. I haven't written letters in a while but it's such a lovely idea. Whoever is getting snail mail from you is def going to be pleasantly surprised - I know I would be. And great excuse to use cute stationery ;)
    Good luck with your goals.

  3. I sense a trend with all the weekly wishes art-animals! :) Finding the right boot can be a challenge sometimes, but always worth it. happy hunting! :)

  4. I really need to make more room in my life for a good ol' fashioned handwritten letter. Whenever I get one, it makes my day a million times better :) And yeay for new boots! I have overnight become an old person and LOVE these Crocs boots I got (don't judge :) last fall. Wearing them is like walking on clouds. Total win!

    Amy | Club Narwhal

  5. I LOVE snail mail, so yay for that! Good luck on completing everything this week- you got this!

  6. Good luck for this week.
    I keep saying to myself I need boots. Especially as my footwear is limited to Toms, Vans and Emu Boots.

    Have fun! Love the photo!