Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Guest Post} 5 Cleveland Favorites

Hi readers! Today, I have a special guest, Rachael, from over at Pretty in Pink. She is fabulous and happens to also be my blogging big from the big/little blogging program. She has been helping me with blogging and figuring out all the craziness that goes with it. As we were getting to know each other, we realized we both live in the Cleveland area so today we are sharing with you our 5 favorite things about Cleveland. You can check out mine over at Pretty in Pink! Hope you enjoy it!

Hey Passionately Curious readers!  My name is Rachael and I blog over at Pretty in Pink.  I'm a senior in college obsessed with nail polish, Carrie Bradshaw, good smelling soap, E! and the color pink (duh!)

I met Courtney through the Blogging Bigs & Littles Network and she is my little!  We have had a blast getting to know each other and we skype, tweet, email, Facebook... all that!  It's been so fun for us to  help each other grow our blogs!

We both live in Cleveland, so I thought it would be fun to share with you my five favorite things about Cleveland!

1. Melt 
If you live in Cleveland (they're building one near Columbus, too!!) you need to march your booty over to Melt right now.  It's an amazing grilled cheese restaurant but the grilled cheeses are better than a regular grilled cheese and just are way more fabulous than I can put into words.  You need to check it out!

2. Nightlife
There are so many clubs and bars in the Cleveland area, you will never be bored.  There is always something fun to do, whether that be a concert, a new restaurant or bar to check out, or even shopping. I have seen a lot of concerts in Cleveland and it's always fun! 

Some friends and I at the Katy Perry concert!
3. Museums
I am a huge museum junkie and there are so many funny ones here in Cleveland! The Cleveland Zoo, Great Lakes Science Center and Museum of Natural History are all my favorite.  They offer student discounts and if you live in Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland Zoo is free on Mondays! Holla!!!!

4. West Side Market
My dad loves the West Side Market and goes every week!  It's a perfect place to get fresh fruit and veggies, interact with locals, support the Cleveland economy, and go out of your comfort zone a bit.  I have a lot of memories of my dad and I going there when I was younger.

5. Lake Erie
I actually live in a suburb of Cleveland, so the lake is really close to my house.  In the summer my friends and I will often bike up to the "beach" (okay, it's not really a beach, but work with me here), enjoy some ice cream and of course take selfies.

What do you love about your hometown?
Come on over and say hello, and thanks Court for letting me take over!
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