Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Awesome Pink college dorm room

Last week, I was so busy with my new fall semester program that I was unable to blog. I didn't even have time to link-up with one of my favorite link-ups, Weekly Wishes! The whole week consisted of multicultural psychology class 8 hours a day and homework the rest of the nights. It was an immersion class for the Urban Semester program I am doing this semester in Cleveland (You can check out what I am doing here). So hallelujah to the little break I have today to write up my weekly wishes!

Move. So not last week's wish, but the week before that was to get moved into my new home for the Fall semester. It was a success! BOOM! My family helped me quickly get my stuff in the house and organized in less than an hour. After two years of moving in and out of college dorms, we have moving down pact. The picture above is my new room (so proud of the way it turned out).

Blog. This week kicks off my classes for the semester. Finding the balance between school work and blogging is a challenge. I hope to blog at least once more this week. I know my priorities are to my homework and classes, but I want to be able to blog, too. Any tips for balancing real life and blog life?

Manage time.  I am not a good multi-tasker, but I have many things I have to complete this week. My plan is to organize my time so that I can complete my homework, relax, and blog. I need to work on my organization binder to prioritize and manage my life. 

Interested in sharing your week's wishes? Join the Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes link-up for motivation and encouragement. 

Have an awesome week!!
 *Special shout out to college students who started class today! 


  1. I agree, your room is cute! Good luck with your first week of classes and your goals :)

  2. Oh my goodness. My room was never that cute in college! I love it. And good luck figuring out a system for you. :) I think it helps for me to write all my posts for the week at once (say, Sunday afternoon or whenever you have the most free time) and schedule them out to publish automatically. Then the day of, I only have to do social media to promote the posts. Or, some of my friends in college would do all their homework for the entire week on Sunday, which would leave more time for blogging during the week, but that wouldn't work for me haha. I hope you find a system that works! :)

  3. I was totally design challeneged in college. My room would have never been that cute. Not even in my head!

    I agree with Megan---sit down and flush out a weeks worth of posts and publish them automatically. Once you start---its really easy to stick to. Plus you're not looking a blogger last minute wondering what you want to talk about. During the week, if inspiration hits you, quickly jot down your ideas in a draft to work out later.

    Happy B2S!

  4. I love your blog! and I saw you are a PR major! (same, yay!)

  5. Adorable room! My sister moved to college a week and a half ago, and her room does not match the way yours does! ;)