Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Ride the Gatekeeper

Saturday, Nathan and I left early in the morning to Sandusky, Ohio for a fun-filled day at Cedar Point. It is an amusement park on the shores of Lake Erie. Nathan and I have been going to Cedar Point every summer since we were kids. It is almost like a family tradition in Ohio. We look forward to it every year. 

This year brought a lot of excitement with a new roller coaster, The Gatekeeper, "the tallest, fastest, and longest winged roller coaster in the world." As soon as we entered the park, despite rain, we headed for the Gatekeeper. When we arrived at the gate, the employee said to us it would be a 4 hour wait. Nathan and I looked at each other and shrugged it off as we kept walking by. 

The rain hindered any ride from being open or running, except for the Gatekeeper. They had only one train running for the first hour and a half, but as the storm passed by, they added two more trains! It only took 2.5 hours and freezing in my soaking wet clothes to ride, but it was absolutely worth it. I enjoyed the new roller coaster and think it is a great addition to the Cedar Point coaster family. I wonder what the next ride will be...

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