Friday, August 16, 2013

Back-to-College: Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Room Essentials by cfraley on Polyvore

I may be in a tad bit of denial that I move back to Cleveland tomorrow to start my junior year of college. It is a strange mix of excitement, anxiousness, and some nervousness. My bags are packed, a little lighter of course because after two years of moving, I know only to take what I absolutely need. My freshman year, I had an entire truckload of my "essentials." Sophomore year was a lighter load, but still a bunch of stuff I didn't need found it's way into my dorm room. But I think this is the year, I have figured it out. I compiled a list of my dorm room basics that make a dorm room your personal space. 

1// Cozy Bedding. I think great bedding sets the tone for your space. Personally, I love pink and currently have a bed spread with pink, aqua, and orange daisies.

2// Pillows. Make your bed cozy and cute with accent pillows! 

3//Lamp. A desk lamp is a good idea for the late nights studying when your roommate is already asleep. 

4//Mini fridge. You do not want to find yourself running to the cafeteria or going into town to find that everything is closed at night (well, besides taco bell). A mini fridge is a great place to store snacks and drinks, conveniently in your room. 

5//Rug. Some dorms do not have carpet. You can keep your feet warm with a rug. 

6//Large Calendar. Life can be crazy busy in college. Keep track of your meetings, classes, exams, and more with a large calender on your wall or desk. 

7//Pictures. Have a little reminder of home, family, friends, pets, etc. in picture frames around your room to keep you motivated. 

8//Fun Decor. Add some life to your bare, white walled dorm with some fun decor like a dinosaur plant holder. Bring posters, inspirational quotes, and trinkets.

9//Laundry basket. Don't be the person that carries their dirty laundry down the hallway in their arms. Get a laundry basket to easily tote your clothes to and from the washer and dryer. It is also keeps your dirty laundry at bay in your room. 

10//Fan. Many dorms do not have air conditioning so bring a fan to endure the end of August/beginning of September heat. It is not fun sweating your buns off in your dorm. 

11//Storage bins. Most universities provide a desk, dresser, and closet, but they have limited storage space. It is a good idea to bring extra storage likes bins to store under your bed, in your closet, or on your desk. 

12//Seat Cushion. Desk chairs provided by the university are not the comfiest so keep your tush from going numb with a seat cushion. You can find them in cute designs for around $7-$12.

What are your college dorm room must-haves?


  1. Cute! My dorm room was a fun pink like this and I loved it!

    1. Yes! Pink is the perfect color for a dorm room. Mine is covered in pink. I will be posting next week about my dorm room.

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    1. Ahh ow I have to get caught up on two Liebster Awards. Oh no.

  4. These look like great essentials!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I love these essentials as well. There are always the basics.