Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Snapshot


I was babysitting the girls when they came to me with the idea of having a tea party. Of course, I agreed to this brilliant idea! We made snacks (popcorn, fruit snacks, cheese, and crackers) and caramel truffle tea. Just as we headed outside, it started to sprinkle and thunder. But we did not let the rain bring down the party and enjoyed our tea inside. The day concluded with a delicious dinner at Nathan's house and a gorgeous sunset! 


 Saturday was the craziest day we have had in a while with many events, parties, and errands to run. It started off on an interesting note at 7:30a.m. when Sam got a hairbrush stuck in her hair! We joked that she would be the only racer with a hairbrush hanging outside of her helmet at the North Central Ohio Soap Box Derby race, but we were able to remove it before we arrived.

 While Sam was racing her car down the hill, Sophia and I rode the carousal. After an afternoon of racing, we celebrated with cold treats at Sweet Treats Down Memory Lane. They have 24 soft-serve flavors! The German chocolate cake and peanut butter flavors blew my mind! 

As soon as I got home from the race, I had to head over to my sister, Catey's, baby shower! It started off quite dramatically when the top of the cake slid off and crashed. My mom, who was already having heart palpitations because of the party, could not handle one more thing. So grandma sped over to Walmart, bought every cake supply in stock, and saved the cake!  Despite the cake disaster, the party was a blast and we are looking forward to seeing baby Ayden very soon! 


After a week of rain, we saw the sun for an entire day! That afternoon, we headed over to my cousin, Chloe's, graduation party. Nathan and I enjoyed playing corn hole, especially, because we dominated. Congratulations, Chloe!

This weekend was a little insane, but it was filled with many laughs and wonderful people! I would not have had it any other way.

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  1. It was quite the day, wasn't it? I'm so glad I got to see you one more time before I left.