Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Spanish Family Vacation {Travel Tuesday}

Last spring, I studied abroad in Seville, Spain. Lucky for me, I had the sweetest host parents ever. They, Carmen and Miguel, took great care of my roommate, Kate, and I. In the beginning, I was terrified to talk to them and they certainly knew that. They know only a few words of English such as fish, good night, and how are you. The first night, my host mom said good night in English to me to help ease me. Eventually, I took the time to speak to them in Spanish and more and more I came to know them very well. I still communicate with them and plan to visit them as soon as possible.

Carmen and Miguel have a second house in Sanlucar de la Barrameda. Carmen was born and raised in the coastal city. The weekend before I headed home to America, my host parents took me there. Carmen and Miguel took me on a tour around the city, to meet their friends, eat paella and tapas, and to see the Mediterranean Sea. It was a quaint wine town with incredibly kind people, tasty tapas, and beautiful views. I felt like it was a family vacation, my Spanish family vacation. I appreciate everything they did for me and the memories we made together. I love them dearly and miss them regularly.

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