Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Drive-in

Yes, one activity on my bucket list is accomplished (and we did it on the first day of summer)! Last night, Nathan and I headed to the Springmill drive-in movie to see Monster's University and Iron Man 3. Disclaimer: If you do not like the outdoors (such as fresh air, bugs, etc.), getting comfortable in your cars' seats, or staying up late, the drive-in movie is not for you.

Both, Nathan and I, work at the local discount theater. One of our perks is going to the movies for FREE so we are hard pressed to pay for a movie, but we make an exception for the drive-in. Each ticket was only $6 (for those of you who do pay for movie tickets that saves you about $4/a ticket at the theater).

We picked up some treats on our way!
The drive-in is not what it used to be in it's hay day as the hot spot on a Friday and Saturday night. You rarely see a convertible or teenagers in leather jackets ready to duke it out.  On the other hand, you will find mini-vans packed with a seemingly endless amount of kids and snack foods and people enjoying the company of their families.

I love the drive-in movie because:
  • I can snuggle close to my honey and not run into the dumb armrests like at the movie theater.
  • I can wear my pajamas and take off my shoes.
  • I (mostly Nathan) can talk during the movie and not get yelled at. 
  • The concessions are cheap.
  • I can see shooting stars (I spotted 3!)
  • The cool night breeze that passes through the car windows is perfect.

 Monster's University was supposed to start at 9:35, but it did not start until 10:05 due to people arriving late. We had seen Iron Man 3 before so we did not stay as it was getting really late. We enjoyed our movie and each others' company. On to the next activity! 

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