Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Beginnings are a Beautiful Thing

The Triana Bridge in Seville, Spain
Well this is it! The beginning of something new and, fingers crossed, something great!

I have been home in Ohio for almost 3 weeks, kicking off summer 2013. But before that, I was studying abroad in Seville, Spain for four months. It was the most incredible, eye opening, best way to kick off my 20's adventure I have ever been on. It had been my biggest dream for over 6 years. What do you do after accomplishing your biggest dream?

  • Option 1: return to your small town in Ohio and be bored to tears, mope about being bored, hang out with your parents, etc.
  • Option 2: create other crazily ambitious dreams and work towards accomplishing them
I think I will take option 2 and start it by creating this blog. 

I have learned that each day is what you make it. If it is boring, it is boring because you are making it boring. Put the pizazz and excitement into it. Whether that is by dancing like a loon around your house, doing crafts, going for a run, calling an old friend, curling up with a great book, whatever it is, do it! I plan to use this blog to chronicle my goofy, make-the-most-of-each-day adventures and inspire you to do the same! 

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