Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Sock Bubbles

I want my two younger sisters to have a great summer.  On Pinterest, I was able to find many creative activities to keep them occupied! A cute pin with a funny title caught my eye, Sock Bubbles. I know my sisters really enjoy playing with bubbles so I thought it would be perfect for them! As much fun as we had, we recommend you try it for yourself! It is simple, fast, and a great time in the summer sun!


1 Plastic bottle
1 old sock
1 rubber band
A pan with dish soap and water

How to: 

1. Cut off the bottom of the water bottle

2. Cover the bottom of the bottle with the sock. Pull it tightly across and secure it with a rubber band

3. Dip the sock-bottom into the pan with soap and water
4. Blow into the bottle from the top 
5. Have fun!

"They were really cool! It was easy to make." -Sam

"They are way more fun than regular bubbles" -Sophia

We really enjoyed this activity and had a good laugh! What are some summer activities you really enjoy?